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  1. In-game name :Ryland Hours on Arma 3 ( screenshot required ) : How active will you be per week? (ss of past 2 weeks) : 10 hours Previous Gangs :Vindictive bbnb Taliban NA/EU? :na Anyone in the gang that will vouch for you?:Lub
  2. In Game Name: Ryland Age:16 1/2 Are you a member of the APD (rank):yes soon to be constable Have you been banned on Asylum? If so how long and what for?:rdm vdm other stuff problely 10 days worth of a ban Any previous Gangs:999 Taliban
  3. Game Name- Ryland Age- 16 Arma Hours- 1,500 Banked Money- 8.8 mill Have you ever been Banned?- Yes Current/Past Gangs-Taliban 999 vindictive domestic abusers rks Do you have a Mic/Teamspeak?- Yes What's your interest in joining Drunk Squad?- want to have some fun in athira and want to make friends. I'm good friends with Ds Slime mostly just hang out and have fun. Suggested by- DS Adian / DS Slime
  4. Server: Asylum 1 House, Garage, Industrial Shed: House House Size(40k/70k/150k/220k): 40 Location (Town/DP#): Donor Rebel Asking Price: bid at 1.5 to buy 3 mill Description: less than 500 away from rebel don't even need red gull good for catels Pictures/Video Walk-through:
  5. You have had a forum account since 2015 you have no life outside of arma plz dont talk trash lmao
  6. In game Name: [Elite] Ryland
  7. Im tryna Join In game Name: [Elite] Ryland
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