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  1. when you match the donation money of all of the chinese combined
  2. this is true at the moment its rng where the smoke is on your screen compared to the people ur fighting
  3. hey i never got an answer to my application + rat will need to come as a package deal!
  4. STEAM:https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199182760469/MyAsylum: 2 dom kd not trying to flex or anything
  5. obviously not too often because nsf does not lose. being serious though even if you know when the drops gonna happen there’s not a lot you can do about it unless you have a gun with like 100+ bullets as it’s not really consistent where you drop and most of the time you already have to be shooting at the drop to react to it. Also you do that retarded driving backwards and dropping thing so it’s not really hard to know when ur gonna drop just not a lot you can do about it if u have mk1
  6. hes banned thanks to the best admin
  7. i might hear your voice if anyone you played with actually got some kills
  8. actually a good update. dont break the dom spawns again tho
  10. new??? he’s old as fuck mate
  11. stop making videos about me
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