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  1. I think you will find the majority of the time we will lethal a certain place and untill there are a certain amount of people left alive. Like we will lethal bank roof and lighthouse and unreachable because do you know how hard it would be to get a restrain on those positions. Just accept being lethaled its like ur saying oh please dont lethal me so i can stand back up after a minute and kill everyone because they couldnt get a restrain on me.
  2. Im fairly sure unless ur friend is completely retarded that you would be able to see ur friend from lighthouse. It has view to most of the bank roof. However cops like playing sniper elite tbh so they like lethaling people so they actually get something from it but thats goes back to my point they will only lethal when they cant restrain
  3. Bro if ur sat on bank roof and we down u. u think we can come and restrain you. most of the time you will be lethaled when no one can restrain you
  4. Have you thought about the fact that if they made hunters illegal that sergeants might have to lose access to them? Then what are people below Lt going to use for armour.
  5. can’t do it from my phone rn
  6. let me check i’m banned but i can show yu
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