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  1. The problem isnt the bounty cap its the boosters if we being real. Not saying bounty hunting was ever a main way to make money but now it gives less incentive for newer players to even try to bounty hunt because who would waste 3 (17-20k) loadouts for the payout of 175k? While solving the problem of boosting you're going to dry out the flavor of the game unless there's something else coming that we dont know about that's on that caliber of content replay-ability and if it is 175k for each bounty hunter, cop should not be 1m lmaoo that literally makes no sense. You dont think cops bounty boost?
  2. i still wonder why they let a career cop change kav into dogshit
  3. In-game name: RockaRhyme Age:21 Hours in Arma 3: 167 shared between accounts(i know it doesn't meet 500 tho) Wealth[Money]: 350k Previous Gangs:The Kitchen (spoon) Why we should accept you: I got stickers that glow in the dark(Pretty good aim too and overall laid back guy Been allying with you guys for a lil bit now) Member who can vouch for you : Maki, Exile ----
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