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  1. Yes definitely would be a good idea. would give people other ways to make money and also incentives to make kits, and the possibility for people to stop treating kits like if they die with them they loose so much.
  2. Fitz is right, there is no reason it would be illegal, I mean look at Scotch why is it illegal its just alcohol. The illegality of it would come from the big price tag. I do not agree with the Island part, there would have to be a better place to put it. If it were to stay where it is I think a price equivalent to meth would suffice for the lackluster amount of tobacco you could get from the island back to shore, and the time it would take. Also for the amount of time all this would take I think one restart would suffice for the max aged cigar, just for times sake. I also do not thing Wong's T
  3. Hours in Arma 3 (screenshot):https://imgur.com/a/f2UuZqc Age: 17 Timezone: EST Previous Gangs: N / A Why do you want to join KGB?: There are many people on, cap cartels alot Do you know anyone in KGB? If so who?: Fitz
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