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  1. never done an auction before. if there is any questions, comments, concerns. let me know. *Bids must be $10,000 higher than the previous bid to be valid.* *In the final hour of bidding Bids must be 50k higher than the previous to be valid* *if the highest bidder can not pay for whatever reason it will be defaulted to the second highest bidder. and so on and so on.* its 1c with max virtual upgrades. it over looks coke field. starting bid is 200k. ends may 20 at midnight EST
  2. now when i say its broken its not completely broken but some parts of it are broken. so im a max talent bounty hunter so i get updates on people from atms and from populated areas. along with the ability to track the target. so i went to one of the bubbles to track the target. he was in a new location so alright hes up by the rebel and i didnt wanna go there and do it. so later on i got an update from the same target it said he was so and so away in a different location. now instead of it updating the bubble to where he was spotted. it stayed in the same bubble even though he spotted somewhere completely different. why why why why.
  3. Randoe


    lit whats your steam
  4. Randoe


    is this where i would post if i want a group. im guessing so. anyway hmu if you wanna play https://steamcommunity.com/id/XXXRANDOEXXX/ this my steam add me on this if you wanna talk.
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