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  1. Contact me if you are selling one. Please tell me price, where it is and what it is close to. Thanks in advance.
  2. If you are looking for a gang/group that to make money legally, well mostly. The this group is for you. Need more info look for me in game or message me here.
  3. Nice Foxx123 what do you have to offer?
  4. I am looking for a house with a garage. Will take one with out. Simple 1 crate is fine. Thanks,
  5. Thanks for all the good ideas and input. I don't have a shitty PC though just not familiar with recording software.
  6. Although some of the time I was in Kavala and got RDMed it has happened in many other places too. I cannot record the game and play at the same time, I tried it with OBS Studio and it dragged on mt PC. Is there another game recording software out there otherwise I will just have to wait until I can before I play more. So the rule says you must engage with put your hands up first. SO HOW HARD IS THAT?
  7. You have rules that say no RDM's but on server 1 it is pretty much a free for all. If I was to follow the proper channels to file a complaint I would. 1. Need to find an ADMIN on S1. 2. Know where to make the complaint. 3. If 1 and 2 where available the only thing I would be pending my time on would be reporting flagrant violation of a simple no RDM rule. 4. If you have rule you cannot enforce you should get rid of it or enforce it.
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