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  1. My bad I was drunk when I made that post so it made no sense.
  2. Great cop killing/ratting/ store rebel gear house. Map of location: https://gyazo.com/e0ff919d138c393b1160ce24dd883dc4 Couple views: https://gyazo.com/dfd382dc0f80ba216edeb682600e301b / https://gyazo.com/46f5e22d60f84fed870729561b056ac0 / https://gyazo.com/1045652c20f106706f38b67f7178b1da
  3. Can we rename house names we see in spawn menu? For example "Cocaine Pro house" instead of "Small Stone House"
  4. Looking for 3 crater anywhere within this general area : https://gyazo.com/5f0a748d39afb425255caba7d4bfa365 I'll pay premium price for any 3 crater near this little compound: https://gyazo.com/cb9c324ed4d534f04eb7179410473069 / https://gyazo.com/b20ab3a56d6f31a14491be65c45692cf If you're wanting to sell hit me up.
  5. https://gyazo.com/fad23404cabcd5a8af663a4c17ab7230 https://gyazo.com/03205104e7dcd459e75b7544ff8b597f
  6. You should be able to pay a half ticket when turning yourself into the courthouse. Sometimes I am trying to turn myself in but the cops are either too busy or don't want to respond at all. If I am able to get an auto half ticket if I turn myself into the cops why can't I get an auto half when I pay at the court house?
  7. LMFAO! Last part killed me
  8. That would be awesome too. I just hate having to look on map all the time.
  9. On KOH you can see your team members and their names on the GPS. Another cool feature is if you tap windows key your team member's name will show up besides their hex. It would be nice to not have to pull up the map to see who is who. Examples: https://gyazo.com/560b2fa3940177c8b615b0b1a7f2f252 https://gyazo.com/92329c423eb71c2174931fceb74a7d65
  10. La Press

    Kavala (x2)

    500k for scotch near DR1
  11. Instead of criticizing me how about one of you link me your aimbot.exe download so I can look like a pro Arma 3 player and make sick montages!?
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