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  1. Sparrow


    already sold for 550k boomer
  2. I agree, having to constantly stock on scopes bugs me, especially if I run out and have to go all the way to a rebel for an RCO Also vests are a must have for crafting
  3. Add the Black PO7 for cops so we can have something different IMO just looks better than that shitty tan one
  4. Sparrow


    600 meters from Spirit, fully upgraded virtual storage Place Offers Below
  5. https://gyazo.com/a6182bd46c2371c707949ef6f52da61c : )
  6. Dude you guys have more than 10 all night lmao, theres also usually only 6-10 cops on, maybe 8-13 if its a weekend. You boys run 13-15 deep all night and still bitch about a cooldown timer. You're not the only ones on the server at all times. People want to have interactions with cops, even if they don't want cops then its better for the APD to at least have some time outside of getting fucked at fed (Yes, I will admit, you guys are godly at PvP, mainly Storm.). Aren't the Federal events supposed to be in the APD's favor, considering the amount of cash and/or explosives and equipment y
  7. I do like this idea, but I personally like that I can use Hunters without them being seized if i do anything illegal. I do think there should be a cool down between federal events, since whenever I try to do anything related to speaking with cops, there's none to be found anywhere except for at the federal event locations, and I always get blown off because they're constantly trying to fight the feds. I do think you guys should learn some better tactics, especially with SWAT being a new factor in federal events. Just my opinion, though.
  8. Guessing this goes here so, Application Format: In Game Name: Sparrow Hours on Arma (please provide screenshot): https://gyazo.com/7b05f5dfd514f3c83335fe6789cc8187 Previous gangs: Spartans, BLV Previous bans, be specific: Got one for picking up hacked money I didn't know was hacked. Why do you want to be on BLS?: Literally have no one that plays Arma and I just need some reliable people to play Asylum with that doesn't lounge around and do nothing all day.
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