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  1. corona is not real so you are in luck
  2. only thing worse than the career cop freaks are the afd freaks now those kids need to get a grip
  3. @antho called me the nword in kavala

  4. just saying a good balance change would have clockwerk be the only captain able to do whatever he wants and all the others have to follow the rules really cut down on the bullshit no cap @captains
  5. Just copy and paste olympus blackwater
  6. Problem is afaik is that they are specifically targeting CEO of fed, a group spamming feds due to the fact it is the only content left on the server, with these policy updates. Or at least thats what I can gather from the recent posts. An ideal solution for this recent drama would be to have proper oversight positions. An example would be to make a Sheriff position, elected by the entire APD. A position like this could have the following responsibilities and requirements. Responsible for: Keeping the captains in check and reviews repercussions of policy updates (perhaps have a veto that can be overruled through going to mitch or something) Handling section F's discretely, making sure votes remain anonymous so Lts are more confident about a lack of retaliation if a vote fails Bringing forward rarely heard issues from the lower APD Etc Example qualifications Constable+ member of the APD who has been an active member for X amount of time Been a community member for X amount of time Relatively clean recent disciplinary history for X amount of time Passes a proficiency test on the APD guidebook Must not be a captain, senior medic or hold a staff position Benefits of a position such as this could be automatic X rank (ingame obviously no voting or IA perms if applicable), a payout in cash/prestige maybe And of course when I am at it equivalent civ rep positions would be great as well with regards to suggestions, updates, and changes on civ considering how badly received this patch was instead of the "development aids" who are afaik anonymous and not chosen at all by the community
  7. Who the fuck cares that lethaling gave someone a free pardon Its a game sorry people want to play. Besides, this is literally the only server than allows people to keep their bounty after respawning. I don't know who would want that at all. Absolutely horrible changes.
  8. Imagine @DS_Billy actually being right for once jesus christ I'll have whatever yall were smoking when you decided on this update. This is literally the dumbest shit I've ever read. Is this a April Fool's joke in July? I thought you guys had some idea guys or whatever. Get rid of them if these were their ideas. What the fuck is this changelog. What the fuck. Bounty Hunter is destroyed, removing lethals payout because the Chief of Police who got force retired wanted it, what the fuck are these patches. Goodbye server if this is what patches look like. Yikes says a lot when Sharing likes Billy's post oh my god
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