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  1. In-game name: Septimus Singas Age: 18 Hours in Arma 3: 1.2k Wealth[Money]: $14.6mill Previous Gangs: Ex-Leader of Peacekeepers Why we should accept you: Im a kav rat and have known farmers and fought along side y'all for years. Member who can vouch for you : Maki, Elite, Spooky, Xanax, Jimmy, Dixie, Jimbo, Sad? , Platinum , Red Beret, Ghidorah, Liberal Tears, Tyrone
  2. accepted, pm me on discord Accepted, Dont mind DAKOTA, pm me on discord
  3. I got fragged on atm at the end rip.
  4. Welcome to the PeaceKeepers Application Page Gang Leaders Septimus Singas Pablo REQUIREMENTS Must Have At least 100+ Hours On Arma 3 & Asylum Knowledge Must Be Financially Stable Must Be At Least 15 Years Old (Exceptions Can Be Made Based on Maturity) Application Format In-Game Name: Age: Hours On Arma (Screenshot): Previous Gang: Why do you want to join PeaceKeepers?: Feel free to message me anytime with questions or concerns on Discord at Septimus Singas#3504
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