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  1. So whos holding two of these houses you're selling.
  2. This honestly embarrassing DH/DS. Smh. Just understand there are fresh spawns better than you guys.
  3. "Wanna buy a SHED kinda close to the black market productions" Your comment was pointless. Nice one liberal.
  4. Junker


    I dislike DS as well, but i don't think anyone finds any of your GIPHs remotely funny.
  5. Well lets use your apple analogy here. So there is an apple available for $7 and thats the lowest and cheapest price available. Well it appears if you go onto the MyAsylum website Barkin's 3 crate is the only available 3 crate in that town. Thus, making it the cheapest 3 crate available. So your apple analogy is shit. What other 3c are you paying cheaper for? Please show me. It looks like Barkin's 3 crate is that "$7 apple" bub.
  6. Yeah in what part of that sentence did I say "How much money and what assets do you have? Do you really not have enough to afford the 170k?" I didn't. I was just bringing up how petty it is to haggle over 170k on a house like that and make that the deciding factor on whether you purchase or not. Really did not have to hear about how much money you have I don't think the person selling need to either.
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