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  1. Junker

    gang house

  2. Dang @King, apparently when you bought this house for market it was wroth 5 mil.
  3. Oh so they alternate throughout the week
  4. @bbgreg17 Shut up retard
  5. Can a gang own both the gangforts? Can a new player shoot you when in passive mode?
  6. BAHAHAHAHAH I was wondering who that was I was legged the whole time going down that rock couldn't really dpi
  7. I need a new gang they all play on a different server now. Can i join?
  8. I only got time to play late at night and they actually do stuff and fight cartels unlike some gangs... #WeLoveTheChinese
  9. Myself and @Boonie Hat can confirm
  10. I think he's trying to prevent a situation where, you have someone who turned himself in with PDW being processed, friend/group initiates on cops in the mean time. Guy with PDW gets 50% ticket and pays it, then guy with PDW just starts gunning cops in the back right as he is released.
  11. Oh no guys, the APD can't sit in Athira all day.
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