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  1. We plan on starting a gun business where you may buy weapons in bulk and have them delivered! All the customer has to do is pay and everything will be handled on our end. Please visit our discord @https://discord.gg/ygzbWJe and just pm us with orders.
  2. You’d like that wouldn’t you
  3. Love how you deleted everything we said from here. It’s almost as if you’re hiding something...
  4. hahahah you wont believe the amount of kids that we have done that too and they follow through
  5. 689 people in your gang and Asphyxiate is where on the gang networth leaderboards? https://my.gaming-asylum.com/leaderboard
  6. you can think whatever. we are so toxic. You tell other people to go kill themselves and slit their wrists. Talk about toxic.
  7. His point is you’re retarded lol. Who tf have you eliminated? I see a new axe gang member for like 2 days and then never seen again lol. Thad not very loyal. “Most mature gang on the server”. I’ll let you rethink that one.
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