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  1. Didn't even see this, I agree with @heater on this, its a little insane. Rebels have a talent that puts down drilling time by two minutes, plus this would be absurd amount of time for cops to push. Cops have to deal with the active situation they are in then go to the event, there is no way with this added that cops will have time for multiple organized pushes. Again, you probably don't have the quest, you don't understand how heinous it is when cops die in Athira and their armor is lockpicked in a single try. lmao, if you can show me how 7.62 is affected by this please show me. 7.62 is not affected by this whatsoever. On top of that, most cops have 6.5 and lower. Again good concept, the rewards just need to be toned down a bit to make it fair. Im not saying anything about adding guns because i feel something fresh would be nice.
  2. alright man so rebels will get an extra 35% chance in total to be able to lockpick something. I don't think the 15% is necessary at all. Cop prestige also isn't even that crazy. The most it can really do is give smaller warrant circles, orcas, different under cover vehicles, and some perks for the medic slot. None of the prestige talents give weaponry or any kind of crazy armor or anything. The prestige tree is literally there to pretty much give what rebels have access to in a way that isn't weapon wise.
  3. Yeah but it needs to be balanced. When you add things you take into account all other aspects.
  4. Theres already a quest that gives a 20% chance for people to lockpick cop vehicles on first attempt.
  5. Drug peninsula, arms island, and utes only good/fun maps to play on.
  6. So you just want to make it so multiple loadouts can have the same name?
  7. Junker

    Fed payouts

    The problem isn't money, the problem is winning. Cops right now are winning events, and if a cop leaves because he gave his two lives and is bored, there are still 15 other cops staying to fight because recently cops have been winning. I personally have heard less complaints about federal events within this month of September than ever before. It was disincentiviing people form wanting to play cop just get 4 v 10 at bank off cooldown and getting hammered.
  8. Junker

    New fed

    The event is meant to be hard for rebels, the event is meant to be cops sided. It is a event with an infinite amount of payout depending on how long since it has been completed. To make the event easier for rebels would take the fun and challenge out of the event.
  9. Domination caps move, its meant to be fast paced. Making the caps defendable as if they were actual cartel caps would take too much time to push IMO. If caps didn't move it would be a good idea. But, I also agree that some caps are just open fields, specifically this one cap in a soccer field on Chernarus.
  10. Stop complaining when its a skill issue
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