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  1. Are the ads on the forums new or is it just me?
  2. Drug runner 5 to 2 only gives you 20 minutes and in that time you can only make it to the kavala rebel @Azeh
  3. Junker


    Cool! But, if you could read you would see the bid starts at 2 mil and unfortunately there were already higher bids than yours. Better luck next time!
  4. Junker


    - 1.9km Drug Runner 3 - 2.2km Rebel - 3.4km Ephedra - 4.0km Phosphorus This is a great shed for quite a few things. The shed is great for capping turf and getting meth materials. You can get ephedra and phosphorus easily and store here. You can cap turf and do crank easily or use it to get ingredients for meth. Close to the shed in southern rebel you can get there fairly quick with quilin or just hatchback. Great for getting to drug runners too if you're into that. Shipwrecks spawn down there and with the boat shop right there it is an easy snag. Starting bid at 2 mil
  5. Anybody know where to even start?
  6. whats the point of increasing? So you can go arrest more shitters in the weed and heroin field? Maybe if you guys actually went and raided Kavala or had big raids in other areas it would be worthy of an increase. Even then you're gonna get some kid who spawns in Pyrgos and starts a prison break and you have to wait 25 minutes for for an actual event.
  7. The Spirit Distillery is in one of those buyable stone one crates but nobody is able to buy it or even access a house menu. Being able to make it so vendor houses aren't buyable is very possible because we see it already in the server.
  8. If cops get madrids i think then evidence can maybe be fixed a little. You have to wait for 10 cops twice. I get how initially you need 10 cops but after you shut down the defenses you need to wait for 10 cops again and by then the cops have already rage quit. If Madrids are added i think that the amount of cops on for that second part of evidence should be either removed or lessened.
  9. Last question, no matter if they made and submitted the skin, or are in the gang or not. Everyone needs to pay $10 per skin in order to purchase it in game?
  10. So after 2 months your gang submitted textures will be removed from the server forever, Or can you resubmit them or will they just be rotated and eventually will re appear on the server again?
  11. Will the upcoming update be the quest system? Says on the donation page it should be coming around this time maybe. Idk if it was talking about this December or 2021 December. June 2020 Rewards Quest System You'll be able to get quests each server cycle to get random rewards. It'll be a basic start with a few quests initially but built upon to include various runs and accomplishments you can do to get temporary buffs, tokens, etc. 12-3 Update: This is still coming... just been delayed... Probably 2021 or late December
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