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  1. Just gonna expose my house like that...
  2. I know =( It took me a week to reply to you guys, i'd fit right in
  3. It doesn't work like twitch chat? /unbanall
  4. Wow. @Bilal Battu youre as bad as trump with your fake news. Good luck to Clint and badabing! Mitch you better get some good reading glasses for the influx of unban requests in your inbox.
  5. Wait... @Bilal Battu can we get marshall law back too?
  6. As always Buck is so graceful and concise with his wording. @Bilal Battu I was happy to hear about this news and am even more excited that the community can get a fresh sense of direction. As previously discussed I look forward to coming back and helping out as an Admin to help provide a great player experience.
  7. Yeah i had a blast before getting banned.. with 3 accounts.. now I know how some of you feel when trying to fight a shitty system.
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