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  1. Is their anyway we can start explaining why no action taken. Would definitely help not discourage people from reporting. Theirs times I've needed an explanation so I know god damn good and well these new players have been discouraged from reporting bc of this.
  2. So are you actually considering this or just trynna stir the pot? I think the majority would like to know... Because u obviously knew what the majority of responses were gonna be... also side note how much do I got to fondle them @Mitch (IFRIT)balls to get our dpi jump back. Movement is so bland
  3. Coin flips would be fuckin lit!!^^^^ Also turning in game currency into skins would definitely make people spend the money with no remorse lol
  4. Bringing life to the map by getting rid of half of your playerbase?
  5. I think y'all would lose allot of your player base if u went through with this. I get why some people want it but theirs to many how do u call it "retired players" who have already grinded for their riches and realastate and now get to enjoy the benefits. If u take that away you will lose allot of ur old players. Which u may be fine with but if asylum never recovers.... Then what Also this shouldn't even need to be suggested. I think mitch would get in allot of legal troubles if shit people paid real $ for was taken away.
  6. One of the only Still gonna happen tho regardless
  7. Removing something such as that would definetly make the server quite boring lol.
  8. Didnt we also just do an update to give players a less of a reason to cry about their houses being blown up bc they can get it repaired also for allot cheaper then someone spent to blow up ur house btw? I thought that kinda evened it out but ig the crybabys will always complain right.
  9. Mannn why u have to take my dpi jump. Ban people when they use it in combat its that simple. How am i suppose to stay entertained in this shitty town now
  10. The helmet offers no more protection then a motorcycle helmet does...
  11. Can we please for the love of God clarify the rules. Literally how can even your moderators not have the rules clarified enough bc the same exact report will get different responses depending on the admin/mod you get. How can you expect your players to follow them when some of your staff doesn't know the rules besides RDM/VDM of course. Their should be absolute no reason the same report can get different answers depending on who takes your case. Makes me feel like yall don't even really know what you want the rules to be so you've just went along with what the playerbase said is a rule lol.
  12. And that's exactly what I said. Idk if your having to translate it or what but lmao. The "your not the only one lol"" is saying everyone has to deal with it.
  13. How did I contradict myself?? Also pretty hard to pick up sarcasm through text lmao
  14. I know its not initiation but I think if your doing armor on armor it does. Not positive tho in most situations still initiate.
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