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  1. In game name - ( your discord name will need to be changed to your in game name if accepted) Rapstar player ID - 76561198060235649 Age (must be 16+ and mature) - almost 17 Arma 3 hours (Must have 1000+)- 5000 Arma 3 asylum hours (must have 200+)- 2000+ How many hours per week can you put in approximately ? - 25-50 Do you understand what this gang is about and what are focus is? If you do then are you willing and able to participate in these regularly? - yea What previous gangs were you in and why did you leave? - chronic,void,zenith Why do you want to join and how could you benefit this gang by being a member? - fights and for having some fun enjoy doing feds and fighting cartels Who referred you to this gang or asked you to join? - wing wong
  2. just put your back threw the door and spam vault backwords also works.
  3. nice adaptive crosshair!
  4. @Junkerthis is the kid who thinks hes good at this game
  5. ive never seen anyone so good at this game thanks for putting me in this 3 times
  6. This is a good shit post
  7. It gets better after a couple days
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