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  1. If this doesn’t sell lmk. I’ll pay 1 mill for it. I’ll be on later tonight around 9pm PST
  2. I thought of this as well. But after looking at it a little deeper, if it was an option in the PM box area on the in game phone I don't see it being that big of an issue. After sending the "initiation" message if the phone went away that would help with people spamming it. If someone really wanted to they could copy and paste an initiation text and be doing essentially the same scenario as your describing. Its a huge waste of time especially because I believe after a message is sent via the phone, the selected person you are texting gets reset to whoever is on the top of the list of players.
  3. Great suggestion, I'd be for this. Also can we get a smaller message notification for the "Bust Bonus" message. I feel as if its too big and pops up fairly often. A message box similar to the size of the one that is sent out when an airdrop is active would be more than sufficient.
  4. In game name: ActivePressure Hours on Arma 3 (Screenshot required) : Previous Gangs 999 Vouch
  5. How is this breaking any of Bohemia's TOS? I think you are misunderstanding that the increase in sales price is for in game markets and not the website store... Things like market items and guns will be more expensive.
  6. Correct me if Im wrong but this is a location that can't be spawned at if Wong's is at its South location right?
  7. I was asking the same question, if you check his my asylum though you can see he’s held that shed for some time though so it’s just a shed he’s finally decided to give up I assume.
  8. I +1 this except for the tower. Needs to be a tower with stairs or just remove the tower in full and leave it flush with the rest of the compound.
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