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  1. I mean I am a pretty good artist
  2. See bbnb callouts aren't aids all the time
  3. When is the new fraggy coming
  4. "If you are gonna turn it on now is the time big boy" - Big Gay Jay
  5. "On your ifrit" Instantly frags him
  6. I feel like the oak tree is a bit to short of a drop, I think a redwood tree would work a hell of a lot better
  7. I love seeing them doing a 30 man fed and losing, we've done a 7 man full fed and won
  8. Free Gape Horne Inshallah!
  9. Well I am sure he wasn't expecting a rocket to smack yall out of the sky
  10. Looking to buy telos houses that has view on fed, or any garage.
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