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  1. .Max liked a post in a topic by IFRIT MITCH LOVES ME in Ifrit Mitch is fighting his addiction to alcohol.   
    Hello all, let me tell you that you should all support Asylum and mitch at this hard moment. If you didn't know, Mitch is fighting his new addiction to alcohol. Everything started in 2021 when Ethan darrell decided to "visit" Mitch. Mitch, who had no clue that ethan is planning something really bad, invited him to his farm and told him that he can stay for a few days. The day later, while Mitch was in his tractor, he saw Ethan running away from his farm and he started to smell fire. Ethan burnt his farm and left Mitch with nothing. Mitch was very mad because he loved his farm. Mitch got himself into depression and became alcoholic. Right now, im helping Mitch fighting his addiction and i need you to join my group called #BadMitch so everytime when Mitch starts drinking alcohol i want you to yell #BadMitch. Thx
  2. .Max liked a post in a topic by |Cam| in Changelog October   
    @Vash”thanks for doing my job, but fuck you”
  3. .Max liked a post in a topic by Aristant in lil bro tom comes clean (cheating)   
    Remember kids its arma 3 Altis life not real life.
  4. .Max liked a post in a topic by mckay315 in mitch, unban my friends pls :( #addaltisradio   
  5. .Max liked a post in a topic by 王 rando 王 in MORE SHEDS!!!!!   
    no this is fucking retarded. only way this wouldnt be retarded is if they replaced the broken sheds with regular sheds.
  6. .Max liked a post in a topic by Zurph in LOOK AT THIS BAN EVADING CHEATER!   
  7. .Max liked a post in a topic by Hoodlum Priest in What has Asylum come to...   
    All of the federal events are rebel activated. We need a cop activated event.

    The rebel transport was actually my idea but they reversed it. When enough cops are on they should be forced to start a transport event, like transporting gold bars from bank to the fed. 

  8. .Max liked a post in a topic by Riv6r in What has Asylum come to...   
    Why are all the recent updates benefiting cop and just nerfing rebel you do realize there's like 10 cops on max and 100 civs
    A good way to get some of that pop back would probably be to add and buff rebel ''you know 95% of the server population''
    Ideas for rebel
    -Zafir 250000
    -Mar 10 250000
    -Federal reserve back to normal from 24 back to 42 ''Like it used to be'' Why was this ever changed??????
    - New type of event that cops or rebels could start
    - Menace to society does not count if you are charged with money laundering over 150k
    - LVL 4 Vest purchasable  at rebel "IF COPS COULD HAVE IT WHY CAN'T REBELS!!!!!"
    - Lower explosives if you think people are gonna spend 250k on a vest you are crazy when vests were 75k people would spend 2 mil a day on just vests
    Look at these please stop trying to make shitty money sinks instead add new things that are fun that people want to spend there money on
    The server is clearly desperate for population so why hold back grudges on things you don't think people will like.
    It's as simple as this add a bunch of stuff you think people will like if majority does not like press the delete key.

    WE NEED CIV CONTENT NOT COP CONTENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. .Max liked a post in a topic by Tyrone Darnell in Longer fed event timer   
    are you guys retarded?
  10. .Max liked a post in a topic by 544heu in Longer fed event timer   
    You are smoking crack if you think 1 hour is acceptable.
    15 minutes is already long as is, doesn't need to be changed at all.
  11. .Max liked a post in a topic by KrazyKnight in Community Meeting   
    who's getting demoted this time?
  12. .Max liked a post in a topic by Tyrone Darnell in my first day on server 1   
    shutup retard
  13. .Max liked a post in a topic by Kawaii in Make drugs more active   
    picking the client side poppies and plants was the most cancer thing ever
  14. .Max liked a post in a topic by Infamous [FULL SEND] in Asylum mailbox money on myasylum   
    Thank you for making this thread, as this issue has been resolved; topic will now be LOCKED.
    smoking these asylum ai's like some fresh newports (on integrated graphics)
  16. .Max liked a post in a topic by Mitch (IFRIT) in ****APD Policy Update 8/2/2021****   
    This is the downvote comment.  
  17. .Max liked a post in a topic by Parzah in Bring back lethal payouts   
    As a representative of domestic abusers I personally like the idea of keeping it the way it is and decreasing the arrest cap down to 50k
  18. .Max liked a post in a topic by Riv6r in STRIFE Public Testing - July 18 3 PM EST | IP:   
    nigga if the black wasp gets added all imma say is #packwatch
  19. .Max liked a post in a topic by Blake. in Changelog - July   
    Yeah Those devs that work for free and try to make content for people to have fun! FUCK THOSE GUYS
  20. .Max liked a post in a topic by Smee in Server Maintenance downtime Completed. NEW IP is   
    ETA on a gta 5 RP server ?
  21. .Max liked a post in a topic by jsh in Yo man   
    Trying to listen to call me maybe in pyrgos can you stop dossing the server pls 
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