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  1. Yeah, get rid of all of those, except crank, which isn't passive at all.
  2. You can only sit first platform without getting sniped. Tower lagging is obsolete. Also, people like Tower Drug.
  3. Are you legally blind? It's a broken tower. First platform is viable. Second platform and top are only viable in rare situations.
  4. Yeah I know they are cheap, but they could make them more expensive so that weed field would no longer be obsolete.
  5. People have been asking for a cap at West Arms for a while, and also to move the Northwest Wong Triad cap somewhere closer to everything. This is a solution to both requests. There are lots of ways to push, especially using the many rocks available. You are able to cap from the far side of the sandbags, but not the rocks behind them. You can only sit on the first platform of the broken tower without being vulnerable.
  6. Trioxide


    you're in Oii. Nobody even knows that's a gang.
  7. Trioxide


    you live in fucking china, shut the fuck up
  8. @Gen. Henry Arnoldcan we get a poll?
  9. Sure. Call me on the phone in game in 3 minutes.
  10. There are 8 classic Rangemaster Uniforms and 2 Gendermarie Uniforms. I will do $40k per Rangemaster Uniform and $20k per Gendermarie Uniform. Not even cops can get the Rangemaster Uniforms anymore, so they are extremely rare. That's $360k total.
  11. The houses aren’t inside the cap, I don’t think. Also, the southern Wong Triad already does that, but worse. I honestly don’t think it would be that bad with this island. It’s a really big island, you can land your boat somewhere you can’t be shot at. People won’t be everywhere.
  12. Not being able to push in ifrits is not a bad thing. It's variety. Boat pushing is easily done from free fire rebel, and there are lots of great places to Orca-drop. The island is basically just oil rig, but actually close to where most cartel fighters are. It's literally right next to everything. It's even more accessible than Church Arms. The Ghost Hotel is right next to a rebel, much closer to everything than Northwest Wongs. My Oil Cartel suggestion is basically just as close to rebel as the current Northwest Wongs, and it's a lot closer when the aircraft carrier is there. Like I said, these locations being more uncommon will increase cartel activity when the cartels spawn at them. People will want to go fight at the special locations, so the ones that are far away will receive the same level of activity as most cartels do now. None of them are farther away or less accessible than some of the current cartel locations. When they added the Crypto Cartel, it had three locations that were all spread out and far away, but people still went to fight it. And, it even had similar functionality to Oil Cartel, so it's a good model for it.
  13. There are MANY points to land at in a boat on the island. It's a very big island, and you can push the objective from many different angles. Also, you can turn your boat engine off before you land and they won't know where you landed.
  14. Yeah, that's kind of true, but boat pushing is actually reallly easy. Pull a boat out at Free Fire Rebel, and drive it up the east side of the island and climb up those rocks. It actualy seems like a really easy push just from looking at it. It's a very short boat ride. People already push drug in a boat once in a very rare while, but I think boat pushing this cap would actually be the meta. I'll go test it out. I've done some stuff there, and I don't remember it being buggy. Edit: Yep, I just spent a few minutes running around in the hotel, and there's nothing buggy about it.
  15. The goal here is to reduce the number of cool POI's on the map that are currently being wasted, and simultaneously add more variety to cartel life. Since these are special locations, and people probably wouldn't like having to fight these locations as often as the others, the cartels should have a reduced chance of spawning at them (maybe 1 in 10). Just the fact that the cartels are only there every once in a while will bring more activity to them when they are there. This post is more about the locations than the designs, which are subject to change. However, I think the designs for oil and drug are keepers. The mission.sqm file is linked at the bottom, which you can use to view them all in the editor. 1. Drug Cartel - Pyrgos Gulf Island Similar to the Oil Rig, this cap forces players to push in either a boat or helicopter. The main challenge in pushing this objective is inserting yourself onto the island, which isn't half as hard as it looks. Once you are there, pushing the cap itself can be done relatively easily from the rocks (which also serve as a good sniping spot) and other places. However, there is plenty of cover for people on the flag. The flag zone does cover the entire 2-story building on the right in the first image, but does not reach the rocks on the left (it stops right before). Don't underestimate boat pushing this cap. It's a very short boat ride from Free Fire Rebel, and you could easily land with cover on the east side of the island and push up those rocks, or go through the cave. 2. Arms Dealer - One of these... I wasn't sure where exactly the third location for Arms Dealer should go, but I thought of these three spots as possibilities. Thronos may be a bit too close to LSD processing, and East Arms and The LighthouseTM are pretty bland and would need new, more interesting designs implemented. People have been asking for another cap at East Arms for a while, but please don't just make it another castle if that location is used. 3. Wong Triad - Altis Ghost Hotel/Old Casino This is literally the coolest location on the entire map and it is being completely wasted now that the casino is gone (it was being wasted even when the casino WAS there). It is the perfect location for a cartel, assuming people don't cry about having to fight inside a large building. Clearing rooms isn't hard, and it would be a very interesting fight. I don't know about everyone else, but it looks pretty fun to me. 4. Oil Cartel - Far Northeast Molos Bay Port In my opinion, this is a great design and location. It's out-of-the-way enough from anything important, but about the same distance to rebel as the current Northwest Wong Triad (much closer with the aircraft carrier in Sofia). There are many ways to push and defend. Players cannot cap from the boat. Map: mission.sqm File: https://drive.google.com/uc?export=download&id=1K2OMadcyzxPN_W1pgBgg-Dl5cYdWxps3
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