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  1. Yeah, it should be tweaked to where no one is really hurt by it. It can be made as uncommon as it needs to be, but it isn’t a bad thing if it actually goes far enough to effect gameplay. It would be more interesting if it did.
  2. A lot of BHs lose money lol
  3. If it's a totally legal method of making money, why is the Chop Shop involved? You do know a chop shop is a place to sell stolen vehicles for parts... right? Don't get me wrong, it's a good idea, but that part needs some re-thinking. No one is gonna rob someone to make $300 to $1050.
  4. less for that and more so they know when they automatically get released
  5. Welp I know who you voted for this past election.....where is @Liberal Tears when we need him wait so you don't even support flat tax rates??
  6. I’m an older player with a massive amount of money, and I agree. I think there should be much less money on the server in general. Leroy Jenkins somehow gets himself another 100M every few months. It should be difficult to become and stay rich; the game would be more fun.
  7. Taking offers for this bad boy: https://ibb.co/McNXBGk
  8. Well, it takes very little effort to add (like 20 minutes of scripting), and most people say they want it. If it turns out that everyone thinks it sucks and changes their minds, they can just remove it again. Arma 3 weather has been updated since then. It likely isn’t the same as what you are remembering.
  9. What don’t you like about the game? The sound it makes? It’s going to change the game and the way it’s played. It’s not just supposed to be aesthetic. People might silently sneak onto a cap under the cover of rain. They might use the cover of fog to remain unseen. It would be cool.
  10. After looking at the results of the poll, I think adding a little bit of dynamic weather to the game would be great. If it was short and rare, it would satisfy those who wanted it without bothering those who don’t.
  11. It was 100k, and it only took you like 35 minutes to get there. I remember there always being a LOT of time left.
  12. yeah, and you made a lot of money for it.... what's your point?
  13. yeah but it's 100k. Also, the time given is 45 minutes. pretty sure it took like 30.
  14. Can you explain why? I don't get it...
  15. I think boat drug runner missions were great. Sure, they could use some tweaking (give less time, give less money), but I don't see why they should be removed. A simple money-making system that anyone can do without resources or experience is great for new players. It was a very effective way of making money before, but it doesn't have to be. Maybe it being a somewhat efficient money-making method would be better. There has to be a place it can be tweaked to to make it good to have on the server.
  16. There's lots of talents that already do this, such as the ones that you require to lockpick helicopters and mraps.
  17. Yeah, I agree with that. I wasn't suggesting the proportion of max talent points and total talents change. Yeah I know, but I was suggesting removing the spawning with debit card feature and requiring a talent for it. The talent would be convenient to not have to make an extra trip to an ATM when spawning. My point isn't that these specific talents need to be added. It's that more talents would be better, and it's really easy to think of new ones to add.
  18. My suggestions for new talents may be bad, but I don’t see anything wrong with the idea of adding more. It was just an example. I was saying to change that and require a talent to spawn with them.
  19. BUMP Looking for new members. Temporarily accepting anyone who isn't a dick. New players welcome.
  20. I think you're missing the point.
  21. For every regular player, game progression stagnates. The game is still fun, but there is no progression. One way many games (KOTH for example) fix this is by adding levels. Players gain XP and level up. Asylum doesn’t have this, but it has something that could be made just as good. The talent system has not been touched for a long time. Right now, talent points are completely obsolete. Almost every player, excepting those who have played very little, has max talent points. They occasionally adjust which talents they have to do different things, but the actual number of talent points doesn’t matter because it is always the same. Imagine if the number of talents and talent points were doubled or tripled, and XP was made more challenging to gain. This wouldn’t hurt anyone, and it would give everyone yet another aspect of the game to enjoy; some actual, straight progression. There are already many ideas for new talents. People have discussed adding a GPS and binoculars to the Night Eyes talent. I say adding two whole new talents for them, and making it a little tree. Here are some of my ideas for new talents: - Spawn with debit card (add debit card back to ATMs - Less likely to develop drug addictions / happens slower - 5 second shorter respawn delay - 5% chance to spawn with a rook when you spawn in a city (this would be the top of the Night Eyes talent tree I mentioned) - Hunters spawn with smoke shells - Your vehicles are harder to lockpick
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