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  1. Sure, you can add kidnapping people to the list of bounty hunter pros. But apex is part of the honor system, which I listed.
  2. Basically there are already a whole lot more reasons to be a rebel than to be a bounty hunter. If you are a rebel, you get to do cartels, turfs, federal events, gang wars, gun crafting etc. If you are a bounty hunter, then you dont really get to do those things. The only two things that bounty hunter has that rebel doesnt are bounty hunting, and the honor talents. Rebels get so much more. I am saying that we should improve what the rebels already have before adding new stuff, AND improve bounty hunting to balance it out. Giving rebels their own talent system would make being a rebel OBJECTIVELY better than being a bounty hunter. I think that it would be really cool if infamy made a return, but it needs to be balanced.
  3. I think it'd be really cool to bring back infamy. There are a couple problems, though: 1) It would absolutely kill bounty hunting. The only two appealing things about being a BH are the money (which, for most bounty hunters is very little, because of the loadouts), and the honor talent system. If rebels also got a talent system with similar-level perks to the honor system, then there would be no reason to be a bounty hunter. 2) Rebels get cartels, turfs, federal events, and other gang shit. Bounty hunters get bounty hunting. Instead of adding new stuff to rebel, maybe it would be better to improve the current activities that rebels have. No one fights turfs, and the rewards for cartels are dogshit. Give more incentive to fight turfs, and buff the rewards for cartels. Also, make bounty hunting better. Make it a bit easier to get honor. Currently, its impossible for a new bounty hunter to get to the top of the honor tree in a remotely reasonable amount of time. If youre gonna add infamy back in, then bounty hunting is gonna need an update to keep it balanced
  4. Bounty hunter loadouts cost about the same as rebel. On BH you also gotta buy blindfolds and those arent cheap.
  5. This is the 10th time I've seen a listing for this exact same garage on the forums. I don't think anyone wants to buy it.
  6. How so? they cost 8k at rebel, and you don't take the risk of going to rebel to get these
  7. well im just saying that there is only one shed near panagia, and its the one inside the circle. there are no other sheds in that part of the map. Use the script I sent to mark every shed on the map
  8. Do you mean the one shed IN panagia or a shed near panagia? Because there are like zero near panagia other than the one in the circle. You can use this script here to see all the sheds on the map: _sheds = nearestObjects [[0,0,0], ["Land_i_Shed_Ind_F"], 50000]; { _shedMarker = "Industrial_Shed" + str _forEachIndex; deleteMarker _shedMarker; _shedMarker = createMarker [_shedMarker , _x]; _shedMarker setMarkerType "mil_dot"; } forEach _sheds;
  9. I am selling a small white 2 crate house directly behind the gunstore and market in pyrgos, next to the playground area. Pic: https://imgur.com/a/M0AcWEv I dont have an in-game pic atm, but you can find it listed for 2.5M in-game. There's a couple of loadouts in there, and some other crap. I'm asking for 2M, but its currently listed for 2.5 and it will stay that way until I get back on to change it. Lemme know if youre interested.
  10. Make it whole-map Altis. Re-design the game mode.
  11. this is the worst house on altis, ngl
  12. yeah get that nasty domination capture point off of my lighthouse
  13. Add: - MXM (white and khaki variants) - Cop vests - Other cop clothing (hats, etc.) Basically anything that a civ can currently obtain on the server should be sellable. Especially MXMs and cop vests, though
  14. I have like 30 and I'll charge 20k a piece
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