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  1. yeah I don't think it looks like that anymore lol
  2. yeah but maybe it's the beginning of the end of the dry season. I don't think anyone is suggesting it rain for 4 hours. I was thinking 15 to 30 minutes.
  3. If there's dynamic weather, then it should definitely affect those things. It's supposed to. Right, it was just an example. Maybe tweak it this time and make it much less common/prevalent? I feel like there's definitely a degree at which most players would like it.
  4. I think this should do it, super simple: //Executed globally on initialization if (random 10 < 0.1) then { [] spawn { sleep 600 + random 11400; 900 setFog 0.8; sleep 900; 900 setFog 0; }; }; if (random 10 < 0.1) then { [] spawn { sleep 600 + random 11400; 900 setRain 0.8; sleep 900; 900 setRain 0; }; }; if (random 10 < 0.1) then { [] spawn { sleep 600 + random 11400; [900, 0.8] remoteExec ["setOvercast"]; sleep 900; [900, 0] remoteExec ["setOvercast"]; }; }; Maybe it would affect performance, but I can't see it doing so to the extent that it isn't worth it. Especially if it only has about a 30% chance to occur for only 30 minutes per restart.
  5. Edit: After looking at the results of the poll, I think adding a little bit of dynamic weather to the game would be great. If it was short and rare, it would satisfy those who wanted it without bothering those who don’t. Wouldn't that be so nice? I feel like it's very much needed. Sunny weather is great and all, but it's boring af when it never changes. If it was implemented, this is how I would do it: Each restart has a 10% chance to include rain, a 10% chance to include fog, and a 10% chance to include an overcast. Rain, fog, and overcast each occur for 30 minutes at a random point during the restart. According to the BI wiki, this should be easily doable. I'm honestly a little confused about why this isn't already a thing, unless it's somehow a performance issue. It can be as rare as it needs to be.
  6. If they bring it back, they should only enable small bets, like a maximum of 10k.
  7. It’s currently listed for 5 mil, make offers
  8. Okay, I have 2 RGN grenades. How much? I don’t, but can you even use those on civ?
  9. do all RGN grenades function as flashbangs? I genuinely don't know how those work...
  10. I am selling the following items. Let me know if you are interested in buying them, and your offer. 1 Khaki MXM 1 Black MXM 3 Black MX's 10 Black Spar 16's 1 Black Promet MR 2 Black Promets 10 9mm Sound Suppressors 17 Police Tactical Vests 8 Rangemaster Suits (Classic cop uniform) 2 Gendermerie Uniforms 10 Police Caps 1 Gendermerie Cap 5 Black NVGs 32 Donuts
  11. Trioxide


  12. Why did you post a clip of you killing 2 guys at power plant??
  13. It's not happening. It never will. You guys are fucking retards. Pretty much every big gang would lose multiple members. The server would lose a large portion of its players. They would never do that. Stop fucking suggesting it. You're all mentally challenged.
  14. I don't want all of the houses I listed. Those are just what I'm currently looking for; I would like to buy any if possible. I'm not being too picky here, and I've got a lot of money lol
  15. the barracks building photoshoot was unnecessary but yeah
  16. I noticed that the ADR 97 isn't available at turfs, however the Katiba and Type 115 are. I think it should definitely be available at the shop, especially since it's a lower caliber than the 6.5 guns I mentioned.
  17. Trioxide


    It’s unique
  18. Trioxide


    Spice is a new item to be found inside UFO crashes. It is an extremely potent drug of alien origin. It is highly illegal, and can be sold for around 50k at either drug dealer, Wong's Food and Liquor, or possibly Rebel Outposts. While it has a high monetary value, its effects upon consumption are even more extreme. A spice high has the long-lasting effects of increased speed, infinite stamina, almost zero weapon sway, passive healing at any level of health, and maybe even a chance to psycically gain intel on enemy players' whereabouts. A spice high could last up to 20 minutes.
  19. I am looking to buy any of the following: Large house in Athira Large house outside of Athira, in the area of Cocaine Field, Purification Factory, or Cocaine Processing Shed or garage near rebel a rebel outpost Shed near cartel If anyone owns any of these and would be willing to sell, let me know please.
  20. The Turf Flag not being in the center of the red zone makes zero sense. The whole point is that it is a radius around the flag. Either make it so that the zone spawns around the flag, or revert the changes.
  21. There should be a sound effect that plays when your inventory becomes full while you are gathering/mining to let you know that your backpack is full and you are done. It could sound like a backpack zipper. This would be incredibly useful to players who aren't looking at the screen while gathering. A tiny addition, but it would be EXTREMELY helpful. It would also be very easy for the devs to add, because there is already a text notification when your backpack is full and you cannot continue gathering. Just pop a playSound in there, and you're done.
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