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  1. You sound like a mentally disabled person I would hope you having 9k hours and me only having like 1.5k you should but are not better than me
  2. Wage slave 9k hours and can't shoot a mk1 And that is why you and your gang make fraggies of you killing people not in combat stance
  3. and don't even try and screen shot mine because you actually play it I go on there and shot gun people.
  4. Honestly where do I begin we will start with why in the nigga fuck would you put the music video in your montage it is supposed to be arma clips not a black man dancing. The song and jokes being made make me want to tie a 12 foot industrial rope around my neck and the clips are shit and in 240p when I am watching it makes want to go sky diving without a parachute. Love, River
  5. Skimancole is the ape that got me banned for jumping up the pyrgos skip dome
  6. By saying swing we are actually telling you to hang from an oak tree with a 12 foot industrial rope we would tell you that straight out in side chat but we can not due to the server rules so no that is not the swing we are talking about
  7. I don't see why you would want arma fac's they are top scroll so you always hit it while trying to get into a car and you can not cancel them.
  8. Whoever votes for vanilla fac needs to go - words I can not said due to being content moderated
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