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  1. Riv6r

    Old clips

    Old clips man cmon Shocks disappointed i still play this game
  2. Nothing to do with there apd rank but there first update includes nothing for civs yea ok
  3. Now ig i gotta make one to so you some skill
  4. #notmycaptain #sladeforcaptainsohewillplayagain
  5. Riv6r

    q19 moment

    You guys complain about loosing 16v5 with a cheater ahaahahahah you guys even suck at cheating back to lsd
  6. wow another clip nobody cares about you literately are flexing killing two kids with 2 hours on the server PS, how do you lose a 12 man fed against 3 of us ?
  7. You just spent the time to upload a 1 piece to the forums and you play like the biggest bot I was dying of cringe watching this wish there was a dislike button
  8. BBNB is in dire need of drivers!!!!!!! We need your help drive the altis shipping hemit from chop shop to 100%!!!! Some upside to driving the hemit/tempest is money you actually receive alot of money for doing this !!! We need your help you can contact of at bbnb.com or River#1649 on discord.
  9. POV you log onto the server and spawn kavala
  10. you can't control LIM recoil like I would kms at that point
  11. you sound like to most cringe nigga i've ever seen
  12. Riv6r

    Gang Wars

    we do not care
  13. @Bherkytold ya you got put in the fraggy
  14. nigga if the black wasp gets added all imma say is #packwatch
  15. just play cop when i am on cop then events will not be spammed
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