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  1. I dont know what your talking about, but @Blunt had a fire montage I dont know what your talking about, but @OG Blunthad a fire montage
  2. +1 I can vouch for this player. He is a very talented individual.
  3. Don Julio

    Weed Pro 3c

    Everyone is selling their weed houses it seems. Is running wax not worth it now or what?
  4. heli flips and what not yerrr
  5. Shit was popping, it felt like I was playing KOTH.
  6. Server: 1 House, Garage, Industrial Shed: House House Size(40k/70k/150k/220k): 150k Location (Town/DP#): Kavala Truck Shop Asking Price: Taking offers reply below. Description: I am selling my 3c because I no longer have a use for it. This is a nice house that is fairly close to kavala square(225m). It is also next to truck shop so you can pull a vehicle out quickly when you spawn. If you want to do weed runs it is (340m) from the drug dealer. House comes full of adult weed plants. Pictures/Video Walk-through:
  7. Let me get a feature on the song idk who this imagine wagons guy is, but he is getting blacklisted for sure.
  8. In-game Name: Jon Dulio Player ID: 6942069yerrr Current Gang: Peach Trees Previous Gangs: Pharmacistville Who blacklisted you? (gang, name) : Pharmacistville | Liberal Tears What did you do to be blacklisted: I really don't understand why yall are pressed, but shoutout to @Lt. Jimbo Swagginsfor telling me good luck on my quests. Why should you be unblacklisted from Kavala?: I will western union @Farmer Steve, and @Bag Of Funyuns 20 pesos each in return for annual kavala pass, and 1 guest pass Any comments or concerns?: your not that guy pal.
  9. Mans stay mass inviting the whole server, why even have a recruitment thread?
  10. +1 for being able to post offers on other players houses seems like a smart/useful idea. -1 for people being able to see who owns the property. Too many problems "houses getting blown up by other players, people being able to see when that last person was online to steal the house etc etc..."
  11. Best of luck selling the crib my guy
  12. How about 1700 robux for that bad boy.
  13. wtf did I just not watch.
  14. Can you guys bring back patch notes & hotfix notes I actually enjoyed reading those every update/bug fix
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