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  1. if you want your 3c that you sold me a month or two ago pm me ebola
  2. House, Garage, Industrial Shed: House House Size(40k/70k/150k/220k): 120k long 3c Location (Town/DP#): Agios Georgios Asking Price: Paid 2.5m but willing to go under Description: This house is great for farming diamonds, getting rebel gear, and doing oil processing. 1 redgull will get you to any 3 places you need to be. There is a garage at oil rig so it is easy to pull a vehicle to go get diamonds. Quickselling house so throw me a reasonable offer. Pictures/Video Walk-through: Photos (gyazo.com)
  3. Buying weed pro houses. Please send me a SS of where your house is located and how much you are willing to sell for. Thank you very much
  4. In-game name: DrBilleh Age: 20 Hours in Arma 3: 1,052 Wealth[Money]: 43k + assets Previous Gangs: Rodents <:3)~ Why we should accept you: I have much knowledge of Kavala and work well in a team. I am a previous member of one of the top gangs (Rodents) who ran the server about 3 years ago, out main competitor being FSA. I am just getting back into Asylum (thats why I dont have much cash atm), and I believe FarmersVille is the right gang for me because I spend a lot of my time in Kavala when I am not grinding. I hold the "Thug" title in Asylum, and I also own a house in Kavala that can be used if needed. Member who can vouch for you : I have seen many members, but do not know any on a personally. Sidenote: forgot the login to my old forums account so had to make a new one.
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