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  1. HBO streaming is so shit, the bitrate they offer is so horrible that the whole episode is filled with artifacts that made is impossible so what was going on for almost the whole episode. Besides not being able to see what was going on for 70% of the episode, the show has really gone to shit, so many illogical choices where made (Jon sitting on the wall with a dragon and not using it when they are having trouble lighting the trenches), and the plot armor that was non existent in the earlier seasons, has been ramped up to 100%. Characters used to get punished for their mistakes, usually with death. During this episode, you see characters you care about that look like they are about to die with all odds for survival against them (multiple times), and then they still manage to survive, simply just by cutting away from the scene. Most people started watching this show because one misstep actually had dire consequences. All these years of amazing storytelling has been boiled down to a dull mediocre Hollywood movie.
  2. Truly showing all of asylums greatest aspects. @Haych
  3. lol @explicit actually being nice to someone.
  4. Ming Murphy is permbanned for third party apps.
  5. I'm gonna give that meme video a 0/10. You could at least have burned some papers or pissed on some people if you are that upset.
  6. Chau

    S1 gangs

    Shit tier gangs shit talking each other
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