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  1. 122 of each meth ingredient in the house
  2. 1ED2B78641885C1717A66AE9F28C01BEF6637FD9 (1920×1080) (gyazo.com) Steam (gyazo.com) Lemme Know Offers
  3. who got a -1 cuz ik it wasn't me I'm ur bestfriend
  4. I know it’s very sad trioxide that we are blacklisted from Kavala we may as well uninstall the game
  5. ik him he said he doesnt wanna sell it but thanks for the help
  6. Would be better if Ashton was there
  7. He wants any type of pangia shed near or in doesnt matter
  8. WTB Any Pangia 3C
  9. i cant believe this... I worked so hard #UnBanAshtonFromKavala
  10. In-game Name: Ashton Player ID: Not Needed Cuz I Said So Current Gang: Floppy Lobsters Previous Gangs: Darkwater Who blacklisted you? (gang, name) i.e. FarmersVille Bag Of Funyuns: Bag of Funyuns (MyBestFriend) What did you do to be blacklisted: cuz they hated on darkwater when we was the best gang Why should you be unblacklisted from Kavala?: Because Jimmy turnup agrees that I should be unbanned along with Tyrone they said they will +1 it Any comments or concerns?: Nah just all ik is im the best person every and should be unbanned no cap
  11. 4 sale cant put any pictures shit stupid
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