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  1. gotta be sooooooooo depressing being a liberal ='^{
  2. zacht is the biggest gang hopper i've ever seen he'll probably hop from his own gang soon also, imagine being a liberal, gotta be depressing
  3. imagine waking up in the morning and realizing you're a liberal
  4. imagine being a liberal
  5. Who would be interested in having a bible study in the kavala church? We will start with the book of genesis and how kavala would be a completely different place if Adam did not eat the forbidden fruit
  6. @Naked Menacedont you gays ever get off? @TheAceSavagei think @Bam Jenkinscan give u a couple of tips
  7. My offer: 3.5M Also, imagine being a liberal, gotta be depressing
  8. new suggestion to revive the dead server: lets include asylum gift cards so we can get in game money, cause i get tired of buying money from other players thank you @Don Juliofor the wonderful idea And dont forget to imagine being a liberal! Gotta be depressing!
  9. @Patatocan u update the logo for the website pls? I have it right here https://gyazo.com/013c092a2bf9fb186b1651f02b531076
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