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  1. Bout to go watch that movie now because of this gif....
  2. damn nice video bro bro sadly I couldn’t be in it on the contrary this is me reading all the drama
  3. Casino is a scam the house always wins and the asylum casino teaches you that I can’t count how many times I had 20 and the dealer somehow got 21 magically
  4. Can someone please explain what even happened for this so called “nerf” to happen and is their even a “nerf” I heard the only change was that you have to have 10 points to get paid? Never heard of this “nerf” thing can someone please explain what he means by this.
  5. I agree 100% maybe they could have it so it switches between turfs so their would be more reason to cap other turfs but this is a great suggestion overall.
  6. Make it so when you cap a cartel everyone that gets the war rating gets a amount of blood money
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