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  1. he rhymed mitch with bitch what a musical genius
  2. when domesticated losers ended a gang war cause they got shit on by 4 guys with pdws and a wild daryl dixon with a shotgun
  3. Bamboo Union trabaja por dinero. Reúnase con nosotros fuera de Home Depot para negociar.
  4. Sounds like a story you made up after you cried in bed for hours trying to figure out how to convince mitch you shouldn't be banned. It's ok though, once you're unbanned you can go back to not showering for days on end and spending all of daddy's money on lootcrates.
  5. Couldn't think your IQ could get any lower. That's unfortunate, by your theory your encounters with the Bamboo Union lowered your IQ to the point you charged back. Kavala Rats:
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