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  1. Ofc, real recognise real brother Proof or it didn’t happen
  2. Ron D biggest fan, but embarrassing for you lad They thought I was playing on my brothers account True hero
  3. Whole server trying to get rid of us but we won’t leave. Abdul caught the perm for nuffin and jarvo would be free if it wasn’t a developer, system is flawed And as for myself, not my fault my brother retarded as fuck. FREE THE BOYS @abdul karim azeem @Free Stratis
  4. Damn why you my biggest fan? Seem pretty heart broken I’m gone
  5. #FreeCracka #FreeFroncz what even is ban evading, I just have a retarded brother
  6. nice riots in your country lad, try not to get burned up getting on a bus https://edition.cnn.com/2021/04/07/europe/northern-ireland-belfast-riots-intl-hnk/index.html
  7. Quit acting hard realistically you couldn’t hit water if you fell out a fucking boat you drip. Waste. Of. Spunk.
  8. Fucking hell lad took some time to think of that one. Useless waste of spunk go outside for once, your parents are disappointed
  9. Domestic abusers will never die, nenjas got it on lock
  10. Domestic abusers did nothing wrong
  11. Dream has come to an end boys, @Mason got me banned for a month all because my brother is a retard n1 lads. #FreeCracka #LegacyLivesOn
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