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  1. Yh lad reslly funny. Keep saying rent free, I reckon it’s really cool and funny
  2. You’ve actually posted a video on an ARMA PRIVATE STORY of you lip syncing and actually think it’s all right. Embarrassing cunt. Bet your parents are proud. Freak
  3. 53rd montage. Go out and touch some grass you gremlin
  4. Please tell me you are taking the piss
  5. Make them free if you already have covs pls. Not wasting more money
  6. Very good man. So much better than @Voodoonoob
  7. Having an arma private story and lip syncing in some grim mirror makes you a no life you brain dead cunt
  8. Name: craka Continent: Europe Nationality: INGERLISH Color: black Paki: no Vouch: @Abu Hajaar
  9. Halal gamer says it is okay to watch porn man
  10. Bunch of cunts banning Abdul from the forums man. Free up. Admins are a bunch of soft cunts. Bunch of femboy freaks
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