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  1. aint u nathaniel b?
  2. looks like a 3 year old made these
  3. Outstanding footage Mr. Darnell Thank you for your service Fuck you kid @terrorrr
  4. #LIT #FRICKASYLUM #TYRONENUMBER1 @terrorrrfuck you retard
  5. aint no one want this shed cuh
  6. Selling for 375K 600 Meters away from coke field Cheapest coke field house on the market
  7. Listed for $1,000,000 300 Meters away from pro Direct look at oyster pro from window
  8. Selling, make offers. https://gyazo.com/399b773abd2e8a25961413cf8bd0ad7d https://gyazo.com/727025fcde3065af8e2e8195f41b6f65
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