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  1. Pull up to the block stupid ass bitch
  2. Stfu you literally have no life and play arma all day
  3. not really funny you just wasted like 1 mil so meh
  4. I was joining to see where there gang shed was but i got someone to tell me
  5. sucks to suck homie
  6. non yal drup thz fukig atty. ill pop a perk an fek yuh
  7. Shut your stupid jit ass up retard. send the atty
  8. Game Name- Pogchamp69420 Age- 48yrs Arma Hours- 1234 Are you a member of the APD (rank): yes Banked Money- 10 Have you ever been Banned?- No Current/Past Gangs- dw Do you have a Mic/Teamspeak?- Yes What's your interest in joining Drunk Squad?- gang shit Suggested by- Leroy in the shed
  9. Name - RhettHours (screenshot) - Age - 32Previous Gangs -dogwaterDiscord @ -Rhett
  10. stfu go suck off abdul and fuck outa my thread
  11. Abdul I stg you have to have some type of autism
  12. Kills me when I had a rook and thinks hes the shit...lol
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