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  1. @Jack7296 The memories we had from this house back in the day
  2. Would be great to get some of the these new emotes added to V2.
  3. Please correct me if I'm wrong, So you guys agree that's it completely fine for admins to spawn in gear for everyone and anyone but cops must pay for loadouts and gear to fight against it?
  4. Video below shows cops responding to a prison break where the rebels fighting the prison have magazines spawned in from an admin. Can you imagine how disheartening this is for cops??? Fighting rebels with unlimited ammo.... https://streamable.com/q7u3h
  5. Solid Effort @Ben Swanson
  6. @danile666 @Blake. @Jack7296 @MASTA_B
  7. Civs throwing flashbangs at each other in Kav? YIKES!
  8. andy7255

    Website Help

    Looks very professional, one thing I will mention is the writing in the logo is very small and hard to read.
  9. Is the revive cost going to be reviewed? What is the reasoning for the price to be more than doubled?
  10. Kavala rats wouldn't stand a chance with these houses
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