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  1. The post is about Infamy, not war rating bub.
  2. Its been a min Tom +1 Or I'm just not active anymore.
  3. I know everyone in Virtue wears black air forces
  4. sleeper we already know BBNB is on top. when is RKS dropping a montage
  5. Name - Mr. Purple Hours (screenshot) - Same game as Arma HvH Age - 16 Previous Gangs - Sussy Baka Discord @ - AmongusPorn#6969
  6. Strife is fun lets just have a quick lil comeback
  7. The person he banned AKA Gape was not cheating. He got banned for being associated with ban evaders. All I gotta say is momma didn't raise no snitch. Yikes
  8. HA! funny Mitch. Okie can we get back too freeing the homies. These Gamers played your 10/10 server everyday and you banned them. Thats fucked.
  9. @Gape Horne Look what you did
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