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  1. I'm sure it doesn't cause an issue for the people using the unlimited mags, but for cops on the other side it would cause a problem. No wonder nobody can get across the bridge because they have unlimited ammo.
  2. I've never seen that happen, but atleast they are buying it and giving it to the lower ranks.
  3. If you agree with what happened in this video, you are clearly whats wrong with this server.. But hey, keep thinking like that if it makes you feel better.
  4. 2.5k a go adds up, especially when the enemy spend 0, probably get the guns free too.
  5. You are comparing a 5.56 to unlimited 7.62 mags? Retard.
  6. You also can't have people inside the van cargo shooting out.
  7. Agreed, its pointless using the Van Cargo.
  8. Still an unlawful killing, and everyone should be held accountable for their actions especially police officers. He didn't even have a weapon and was on the ground when she pulled the trigger.
  9. Dragged from the vehicle then shot at point blank range in the back while on the ground.... that's murder.
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