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  1. I like everyone who tries to be better.
  2. Casino is a place where happiness and sadness can both be produced. I propose to let him come back. Casino is not only a place for leisure and entertainment, but also a place for some poor people to see hope. When some new players enter the server, they don't have much money, and they don't know how to make money. When they learn how to make money, they will be robbed by other players. At this time, the casino can solve everything. You can rely on him to take back everything you have lost, and you can lose everything. I believe that asylum removed him because the players lost too much money. You can try to increase the probability of winning and let the players see hope in the casino again. The location of the casino is also very important. The previous casino is located on the edge of the map, and there are basically no people there. If you try to locate the casino in a large and active city like kavala, the flow of his people will be completely different. At the same time, you can update the games in the casino, which will attract more players. I suggest adding the house to the bet, which will be more interesting. Anyway, I think removing the casino will lose a lot of fun, and I hope it can come back.
  3. Please optimize your server, now I only have 40fps dom.
  4. You're just a noob, because you can't beat Chinese players to discriminate against us hahahahahaha. Why did your gang disband bro? Was it because I beat you away in drug carter? Any Chinese player is better than you. Please remember, you are always talking about our ping. If I have the same ping as you, you won't even have a chance to fire at me, hahahaha. What can you do except discriminate against China, bro? You have never been to China. How can you know what China is like? You are just brainwashed by the American media. I hate racists. Don't talk about racist remarks in front of me, I'll get angry. I don't want to say anything to you. No matter how much I say, you will continue to insult China like an idiot. If you have been to China, you will never do that.
  5. I think you lack an active china administrator. I can do this.
  6. phoenix.


    back to arma 3
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