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  1. lukee

    Self lockpick

    yes obviously its okay if they get out and kill you, you can just come back in 60 seconds with ur 10k kit
  2. lukee

    Self lockpick

    Who tf is scared bro it’s literally a very rare occurrence that this would ever happen Do you know how to read. 1-5% chance it’s insane if someone pulls that off without someone noticing or before they get their lock picks seized I’d like to refer back to my previous comment
  3. lukee

    Self lockpick

    lol you act like im mad I got restrained or sum shit, its literally just a last chance to fight the rest of the cops for fun its not like its to avoid a roleplay situation like somehow dying even tho ur invincible when in cop cuffs. and with a success rate of 1-5% it barely changes the challenge of fighting rebels, its just something that may rarely happen as a last chance to win a fight when lets say theres 8 rebels restrained at bank and theres 2 cadets left or sum shit and one guy unrestrains himself and kills them. you guys complain abt cop being not balanced enough compared to rebels when ur kits are 15k and u can push back anything in like 60 seconds, with downing guns that two tap anyone, when ur rebel and ur losing a fed with 8 ppl and you all have 100k+ bounties each is way bigger of a loss, cops make so much money from that shit and rebels barely make any money from any fed especially when u have like 10 ppl and 5 of them die or taken thats already like 150k worth of kits lost u guys just read the title and see that I brought up lockpicking urself out of cuffs and automatically assume the worst, the chances of someone pulling this off is so low compared to what you think
  4. lukee

    Self lockpick

    i didnt know that existed this suggestion is better tho tbh
  5. lukee

    Self lockpick

    I don’t Only career cops voting no
  6. Make it to where anyone who is restrained be able to lockpick themeselves but with a lower success rate (maybe around 1 to 5%) but whenever you are in the process of lockpicking yourself, have some sort of sound or small hand animation so you can’t just break out without someone noticing. Seriously I’ve seen mfs irl get out of cuffs while underwater upside down in like 5 seconds (This is something that will rarely ever happen and won’t make your life any more difficult I promise)
  7. Well that’s what the suggestion is, I don’t get downed so I wouldn’t know
  8. You can’t throw a Grenade while downed just so you know 50k is way too cheap for saving something like a 400k bounty
  9. That many people and can’t even win a fed
  10. Already something like this happening next patch
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