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  1. https://prnt.sc/26go4w4 asking about 400k can go lower
  2. bro the uranium effect gives me a headache yall should switch it with like a plain green vignette or sum shit
  3. Everything in your guide I already do/know.
  4. Real Estate is a big part of Asylum or any Altis Life server in fact, and Real Estate has become such a good method of making money that the market of houses have risen very high, so high that almost any decent house is over 1mil, with very little that you can find under that. The Real Estate of the real world, and real estate of Altis Life has huge difference, which is building your own houses, *sounds a little crazy at first but hear me out* I think it would be a great idea that there can be a branch of Altis Civilians that can choose to work in construction, or have it as a side thing. If you could tell, you can find a lot of construction buildings around altis, *not all will be used* but I think it would be a great idea to have the ability to turn these into actual houses, which does seem impossible at first, but say you gather a absurd amount of wood, stone or other materials and have the ability to actually build a 1 crater at these construction buildings, and if you use even more materials you can build a 2 crater / 3 crater, which might be a little hard on the server but it should have it to where it takes 1 to 2 restarts to completely finish the construction process, you can maybe even build it in steps, use half the materials to turn it into a destroyed house *act like its just not finished* for the first restart, than next restart it turns into a fully useable house. In my basic knowledge of server development, there are identical houses you can build in the Editor and also modules to delete already ingame buildings, using these two factors you *theoretically* should be able to replace construction buildings with the same house models as those already in the server. *Also with the ability to change the color style of the house with like some new paint item or sum shit*.
  5. Looks sick but I hate that line in the middle of the back, I always try adding something there and it just splits it lol
  6. -not the logo but this looks cool Owners Black Jesus | Sperm Whale#2594 Pedro | kyyzaa#0923 Requirements -Not completely ass at the game. -Active in Discord or in game. - Not an idiot. - Know how to make money on your own time. Format IGN - Age - Timezone - Screenshot of Arma 3 hours - Bank Balance - Previous Gangs - APD/AFD Rank - Can anyone in the floppy vouch for you? - What we do sometimes We enjoy fighting cartel's (Especially drug) and doing Fed events, also we sometimes raid Kavala or Pyrgos because we feel like it lol. We also sometimes play domination.
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