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  1. right, but you BIG GUYS need to take a secong look at it and find a better balance to it.
  2. it costs 44k, ifrit cost 60...
  3. Add back the doors to the Qilin or lower the price for it.
  4. I like what you have done with the server so far! https://gyazo.com/0a1f39a441970eed53ebb5e5a9b15916
  5. So Will the credit system work now?
  6. if you are gonna add in key sale, make sure that you fix the credit system from when you open the same skin twice
  7. Server: 1 House, Garage, Industrial Shed: House House Size(40k/70k/150k/220k): 70k Location (Town/DP#): Panagia Asking Price: Offer Description: Great house if you're looking to own panagia Pictures/Video Walk-through:https://gyazo.com/2c22262988110d387a4d3a4b43106458 https://gyazo.com/3dd13c85b916d5d7c55bac73cd5ae65d
  8. when you turn digital vibrance to max
  9. New gen rebels are something else
  10. wilber38

    WTB Sheds

    Post pics. Take any shed but kavala/west map
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