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  1. Application Format: In Game Name: Sympa Hours on Arma (please provide screenshot): https://gyazo.com/a327c813ae76d456e6d13da46b2dbb86 Previous gangs: Silk Road Previous bans, be specific: I have two 3-day RDM bans, I believe. Also, I have a 1-week ban for "Exploitation". It was for glitching into a house; nothing too serious. All these bans were more than two years ago. Why do you want to be on BLS?: I've taken a long break from Arma, and I want to get back into Altis Life.
  2. Current leaders: @Von Buns and @KVBY/Koby In-Game Name: Sympa Age(No requirements): 15 Estimated Asylum Time : Around 750 Arma Play Time (Screenshot/steam link please): https://gyazo.com/898b996974447483078dcdbefb1a7a1c Bank Balance: 840k Have you ever been banned? Yes Do you have a mic and TeamSpeak? Yes Current and Past Gangs? Military, SovietGunners, Division If in a current gang, why are you looking to leave? Better opportunity Why do you want to join our gang? Better opportunity Do you know any members of our gang? Yes, Codycritter
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