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  1. Be nice to your Chinese father or China will veto the next time India applies for UN Permanent Council membership.
  2. Yes, this requires website developer support
  3. Please paste the logo of Gucci and Chanel all over my clothes
  4. Players will be able to see their bans more clearly
  5. I left this message of my own free will
  6. It's true, we admit that his network is bad, and we made fun of his network yesterday during the whole Dom game, lmao
  7. MoLu.

    Vehicle processing

    not GTA too? lmao
  8. The truth is you go to Oly or GTA and experience their nights and you'll understand what I mean Affect play on other servers
  9. The night of Asylum is dark and if you lose your night vision, you will be miserable. Hopefully a gamma adjustment can be added to light up the land with moonlight
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