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  1. movin like a demon
  2. PLZ stop blowing up my comments you nn freak thanks
  3. yo can you do me a huge favor plz CAN U PLZ STFU AND GET OUT OF MY SHIT THANKS
  4. Cherno (winter and summer), Sarhani, Malden, stratis, Zargabad
  5. Please release new zones/maps and fix the starting prize pool. This game has been out for so long now an 90% of the player base wants PVP. Change is a good thing and is the only thing that keeps these conflict servers going. Keeping it fresh will bring in more players and get new players to try it. Dom has been at its all time low with barely breaking 40 players on a good day. CHANGE IT UP.
  6. The bottom line is that the admins/developers for the dom server need to wake up and listen to the community. They are in denial and think the dom server is still as good as when it first came out which is not the case, we need new zone/cap/maps. its been out for a while now and nothing new has been added.
  7. Cracka that might be the dumbest shit ever, thats the last think the admins need to worrie about during dom
  8. This shit is dookie dogwater
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