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  1. Who here plays the board game War Hammer 40k?
  2. This has been a problem for a long time.... Make it like 100m from dealers. Just add a red circle.
  3. Been told that it will not happen.. Apparently these china people donate alot of money to the server so.........
  4. i have yet to make this stuff. But imo, Its something that is needed to help the people that can not find a house or a decent house to be able to run scotch. Also... you set up your house for scotch and then you run Moonshine while waiting for it to age. I do not see the problem here. Since normally people that run scotch only like grinding anyways. Grind scotch and then grind moonshine while waiting? Its a win win.
  5. Need to pm 3-4 admins this information asap!
  6. Glad u laughed, that was the intention of the comment. now i dont really ever remember complaining about money and dying. But i have complained about wasting money.
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