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  1. Glad u laughed, that was the intention of the comment. now i dont really ever remember complaining about money and dying. But i have complained about wasting money.
  2. The person who has the bounty shouldn't die. Glad i can help out with this problem.
  3. @Gen. Henry Arnold this right here. Joins a new server and first i do is read a form? Nope. First thing is to find people to talk with and ask questions. Then look how to make money.
  4. Fully access to nades and ability to use aim bot whenever needed. Also teleporting around map during fight is greatly encouraged.
  5. Have you asked a admin how they found out he was cheating?
  6. Reapered has my vote. Hoodlum is good i seen him scan just a fyi.
  7. I mean, i laugh at protestors getting run over when standing in the streets and some people think that's sad so.....
  8. Don't even need to see names. Nades thrown over and over.... yep we know that is lol. Not a big deal tho. I'm kinda taking a break atm from Asylum atm.
  9. @Satanic Gas u have 2 months to save up.
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