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  1. U guys act like this is the first time u seen admin using commands. Cops even watched cop admins teleport around rebel outpost during a fight lol. Back in the days of Latin Kings and Vyper it happened ALL THE TIME! @Roice You was there.
  2. Yep... got to love vesting ur own gang mates. But it was a accident. Didn't notice ur name on the map.
  3. people even used a heli to disable my heli also.... so im kinda on both sides here.
  4. Well.... I think it was needed. All this hit the hem to stop it is kinda cheesy...
  5. 7.5 if u focus on plates.
  6. I want a horn that plays barbie girl. @Mitch (IFRIT)
  7. Dont do blackjack lol. Honestly the casino is just a money dump. Alot of people can learn from this tho.
  8. Um.... Thats what cops do. And 20+ lives in 15 min? Little high...
  9. So.... Ur upset that someone used a house slot to fight turf? Ur upset about having a fight at turf?
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