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  1. Due to the constant selling of meth and wood, we will be disabling until we can lower the profit by 50%. O well.
  2. Normally i say thx and gj.... I would feel like im lying if i say it now... 80% of this update is a joke..... But hey now im going to report EVERYTIME i get leathaled. Gives the higher ups activities i guess... So... I guess thanks and no thanks?
  3. Lol.... U spoke your mind. Thats not allowed bro.
  4. Um... We brought up the proof with the skin in crates and was told shut up so... Im glad we have something that we dont have to pay for tbh.
  5. @BlueG o yeah u can easily see the puffs of dust on the ground in front of u.
  6. Well, it was worth it tho. Some people got something to prove i guess. Seems like a set imo. Lets drive by a guy with a rpg and shoot our gun. If he kills us i ban him.
  7. Well next time you have to wait till ur dead? u heard shots and guns was pointed at u.... I don't see the problem?
  8. Gl man. This has been tried many of times. Some day we will have player shops. Will u offer full gear sets? Armour etc...
  9. Only one group missing Gov.
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