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  1. Ty. Hard to type all that while at work.
  2. Hold on.... You think a criminal is going to OBEY the law and only get a LEGAL weapon to come rob u? Or worse take ur kids from you?
  3. Come in my house without me inviting you? I will have a gun ready to greet you.. Just saying.....
  4. Turned INTO a courthouse?
  5. more bounties are running around is what I'm saying.
  6. Alot of people are enjoying it tho. 150k bounties roaming cities again! Cops able to make money!
  7. That game can be alot of fun. Im down to play
  8. Messed up.... All that time gathering wasted due to one guy with 50k.
  9. Me and a few others i know for sure will be in.
  10. Tbh i always enjoyed attacking with a sdar and a shotgun is funny to me.
  11. Hey man no need. Ill play with you and show u around if u want. I only speak english tho.
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