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  1. Don't even need to see names. Nades thrown over and over.... yep we know that is lol. Not a big deal tho. I'm kinda taking a break atm from Asylum atm.
  2. @Satanic Gas u have 2 months to save up.
  3. Tbh... This needs to be talked about. Cuz if someone sends text message to you, how do you know who ur int with? Certain groups change names all the time. How would anyone know all the people in their gang/group??
  4. How many months old is this post? how long until the votes are counted? and something happens...
  5. bigjohn561

    trump 2020

    YES!!!! TRUMP 2020!!!!!!
  6. He is right... WHITE LIVES MATTER!!!
  7. After you log back in they might down and restrain and it resets the timer. Also they might just down you over and over so then its a easy report of u combat logging unless your recording.. So my advice is if ur recording clips set it to a 11min clip. As of right now we have nothing in place to protect the new guys from getting downed and restrain ed for over 10 min besides you logging out and relaunching the game.
  8. Until someone decides to blow up.
  9. right cuz sitting 45min afk on server is what we want people to do right? @Danny But I do agree people should keep bounty if broken out.
  10. if upset bout that, then remove the pilots. Its been proved over and over its a advantage. now its even so.... i dont see why complain? Im happy with being able to tank like the rest of the guys.
  11. um.... game got boring and who plays Arma anymore and um.... what else do we normally hear after someone gets permed for scripting?
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