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  1. Been seeing alot of this servers plays. Makes me wanna give that server a shot man.. @Mitch (IFRIT)
  2. I agree on the charges but, Also allow being able to remove upgrades. I upgraded my house just to fully upgrade it and now I see it would save money not to have the upgrade lol.
  3. Secrets to have people dump money into and get nothing in return?
  4. Just have it break one part.... OR be able to buy a LARGE AC in house to keep mining rig cool.
  5. i know. I wasted 10mil on it. Admins just made a money dump.
  6. Ok so.... Consoles can break.... Takes about 10mil to fully upgrade everything and thats not including the price of parts if ur buying them. How is this worth it? Why wasn't it shown/Explained in more detail? At least tell us the amount that your able to earn per console plz.
  7. Its envy.... And that wasn't even their best player.
  8. How does this contribute to this post? I like the idea! +1
  9. Accept as trial. Discord info sent VIA pm.
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