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  1. Rebels lose all talents also? And bring back to ratio for cops vs civ on server?
  2. That would be amazing. @PatatoIs this possible?
  3. Have it pop every day imo.
  4. Thats some quick moving up the rank for sure man...
  5. Sorry server is getting region locked soon.
  6. For reals tho. What's the benefits for this work? Free spawned in cash? Vip slots? Ur own icon and role in teamspeak/discord? Weekly "Donations" in a Paypal account?
  7. bigjohn561


  8. @Piter De Vries Your asking for admins to give up sheds? for in game cash?
  9. Just makes it almost unplayable to go against china people. The lag always seems to help them...
  10. @Mitch (IFRIT) Will region Lock be happening soon? Reasons behind this request has already been known to everyone. @PatatoYes people are thankful for some work being done. But, you can not please everyone. Now I do disagree on the key issue, Maybe for garages allow increased amount? Alot of places have more houses then garages. I myself been sharing my garage for years to ANYONE living in the town. And now I have to tell them no..
  11. REGION LOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Who's next? @tom Might as well tell us who else is cheating. 1 week off your perm for each one you turn in.
  13. Go mine diamonds and you will see what I am talking about. Alot of the new players I run into likes to run diamonds. I still run diamonds for crafting and its VERY annoying having to go thru each item and double click drop and have it tell me (must wait in-between drops).
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