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  1. Ali

    Batman v Superman

    I thought it was okay, 6/10, 7/10 max. Eisenberg as Lex was okay for me, but it felt like he was trying to be the joker far too much. However, the movie was longer than it needed to be, they crammed useless shit into it just because. Superman was a very pale character, not much depth to him, but Baffleck was surprisngly good.
  2. Sorry for the bad quality, just uploaded, so give it some time. It is also recorded on medium settings, so I need to change that. Not sure why there is a constant static going on in the video, I am not hearing it from my end. Need to configure mic settings.
  3. Welcome back Cozi, good to see you. For money making, buying a house and barrels to store scotch is the best money making method. Group cap at 10 now, so gangs are not as big, and the cartels are not as contested. Gang life has died down quite a bit, but there is still a lot to do. Just read through the patch notes and you should be able to get back into the game. If you need any money, just pm me and I will wire you a little bit to start off. The modded server is going to be released any day now, so expect a lot of new content. Good luck
  4. Welcolme to Asylum. If you are interested in joining a gang, head over to the gang recruitment section of the forums. There should be people willing to help new players out. Good luck
  5. Ali


    I completely agree with you, sirens should only be used in certain situations. For instance, when suspect is inside of a vehicle or quite far away when on foot. Sirening someone carrying a weapon next to your police car should not happen, seeing as it is completely stupid. However, when someone decides to use sirens, they should actually give the suspect enough time to react. Sirening and downing without giving the person enough time to react is completely stupid, and considered RDM afaik.
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