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  1. Mind if you give us a full overview of your specifications?
  2. I believe he means ram, you might need more dedicated ram to run Arma 3. What's your current computer specs? You should be more detailed.
  3. Is the subaru car on cop still suck? (not the moderator, or is it. )
  4. I wanna get like a doll, tank, rpg, some Paratus along with it and a little peperspray for donating.
  5. Paratus, is it a reason why I can't access 'My Asylum' said my IP might not have played before for a few days but obviously did.
  6. I hope the next public love letter is for me. P.S. I'm a girl.
  7. That sucks, probably a bug that needs rework around the Swat system so thus probably takes time.
  8. To be honest, I think this is easier to fix because it's already in the mods itself. How long had the parole confirmation box thing been alive for? They probably are focusing more on this server now, frankly speaking.
  9. My ultimate point/conclusion being this thread is to make good use of the modded items we have. Some reason why can't edit my last post.
  10. Well, I guess that probably America. FBI in my country are pretty neutral, they don't carry big guns unless needed.
  11. Still people would get points for that but if they choose to do that, they risk getting points and ruining RP.
  12. Since... now we have a modded server... Can we have megaphones on police vehicles? Wouldn't it be cool as fuck if you were in a pursuit and you can shout, 'APD, stop your vehicle at the side of the road with the engine off!'. Even if I think of this feature, I could think of so many ways to rp and even with the phone feature, now I can start my full time scamming business as a 'Windows tech support', thanks @Paratus for this phone feature, giving me lots of free and vulnerable innocent Civilian to scam. And seeing that there's a model for police under Civilian, the hat there l
  13. No, it's pay 2 win then. I would rather more perks like using donor vendors @ donor 3 since we're paying so much.
  14. Buy a house with crate, I have one good for excavating at Sofia, just down the hill and you'll be in sneakily, if interested.
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