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  1. WTF!? 1000 up and down like wtf?!
  2. this ??? its why Olympus is doing so good they got a bunch of new devs....
  3. Ign: CEO.,.., Eric Lawrence Age: im old Hours: 3000 almost i should kms honestly How active will you be: active af Previous Gangs: Best Gang NA 2017 Any members that can vouch: Uncle Fucker, Nomacocks.
  4. how the fuck do you have gigabyte/second internet wtf
  5. Eric916


    Olympus has less players than Asylum tho? its sad that the flame is burnt out here
  6. Yeah lol. KBW is literally as good as Paratus. Please come back to us @KBW
  7. dude he didnt have red gulls hot keyed if this is what cartel fighting is like now.... just wow
  8. yeah which leads to less development and less people playing the Arma 3 overall. Bohemia kinda shot themselves in the foot if you ask me.
  9. http://www.gaming-asylum.com/forums/index.php?/forum/8-apply-here/
  10. i mean 1 full and 3 over 30? i think that is decent
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