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  1. So when is the season going to be reset again for quests Want to start grinding my 2000 cop kills while in a sling-loaded offroad I need the 25k and the p07 for my house
  2. Shed 2 2nd pic is incorrect (it's the one on the right)
  3. Imagine being a grown ass man and having your ego so tied up in a videogame you install cheats Then cry this much when caught What a fucking loser
  4. ditto, also @Reaper who hasn't played in at years. Event was fun
  5. Ah, I guess I wouldn't know
  6. Most of the people complaining didn't play the event News Flash: They're not going to play the next one either (they'll still be on the forums complaining, though)
  7. I'm not reading 'some garbage in side chat' I talked to both Mitch and Boonie who said it might stay, so we played accordingly just in case. Not sure why you're trying argue about it.
  8. Any player that was banned for hacking should be required to have a replay mod enabled as a condition of unbanning. Admin's discretion they can ask them to clip a fight or whatever and upload it (infrequently but might happen any time, so they'll 100% get caught if cheating again)
  9. It was said multiple times that the wipe might stay with this data. What do you think I'm misinterpreting? Go ahead and disable fed events for the first day and change the price of diamonds or whatever and keep wiping until you get the 'result' you want. Any changes that will affect the economy long term can still be done when the economy is only 2 days old. Either keep old DB or use this one wiping again is pointless
  10. If you're goal was to lose the trust of your remaining playerbase, congratulations. What changes do you have in mind that are worth taking a massive shit on everyone's time they spent? If you say it might be saved we have to assume it will be to not be at a huge disadvantage to anyone that does. What a joke.
  11. Everyone complaining that this database will be used if the server wipes... there are still 100+ S tier houses available... everywhere. There are over a dozen 3-crate houses in Atheria right now for market price that were 3+ mill before. There are a bunch of sheds for market price. Drug processing houses that have not been available (or used by anyone) for years. It's still he best opportunity for active (or rejoining) players that has ever happened, and as a result I've seen a resurgence of player's that have not played since before Mitch owned the server. It's fantastic.
  12. I like the new Wong's Cartel location changes However as it works currently, fighting the cartel is pointless. All the real cuts are avoided completely. As you only get cuts from people selling, people are able to run liquor with 0% loss while only needing the cartel when they sell. People have learned to make liquor for ~a week in their houses and then they only need to cap the cartel for a single cooldown to sell everything they've been crafting. I understand that this is the way it works because of the large variety of items sold at Wong's cartel that aren't run through spirit distillery. However, it's being abused as people will make liquor (the highest $/hr Wong's activity) during busy hours and only have to cap the cartel during slow hours (once a week or so) and sell all of the product that they've been storing up. This is the 'meta' that all the people running liquor use. My proposed changes: Selling non-spirit distillery items to Wong's remains unchanged Spirit distillery items be brought inline with drug cartel: it takes a cut as you process (but remove the cut when you sell)
  13. Already annoying enough getting a dozen notifications messages every restart. This would increase spam like 10x as people would make a habit of mass messaging every gang all the time.
  14. "I WAS LETHALING PEOPLE FOR A FUCKING REASON!" *Lethal the second officer for saying "owe"* @bbgreg17 Hey you should apply for discord mod. Will fit right in with the power-tripping furries. Here's the link - Discord Moderator Academy
  15. Uh oh, looks like we got another Ken in the making. Maybe turn off the game and go for a walk or something if you're getting that upset #TouchGrassGate
  16. Yeah you're right admins lied. Anyways where's the 'tons of clips' of us claiming you teleported and shit? Oh they don't exist. Weird.
  17. maybe they can replace suitcases with something with no hitbox like the glowing lights like heroin used to have
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