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  1. Denied. Insufficient requirements. Feel free to apply later when you meet them.
  2. Accepted. Will PM Discord. Welcome to the gang!
  3. Accepted. Will PM you the Discord! Welcome to the gang!
  4. Accepted. Will PM you Discord. Welcome to the gang!
  5. Why is this kid not banned yet? look at the last 30 seconds lmaoo. ifirt and orca kills! Cmon bro be less obvious
  6. Didn't know it was a gang. had the name for 2 years now big guy.
  7. Sanity We are a gang made to fight cartels and just have fun in the server. Asylum isn't what is used to be and I want to revive that old feeling we're able to. Instead of having every gang stacked I want to give an oppertunity for you to branch off and have fun again. Prioritize revives and push smart. In all honesty tho, I just want to create a group of guys who enjoy playing video games in general together. Grow the chemistry and go play other games that require skill. So if you want some friends to play with, apply mofo. Requirements Knowledge of Cartels Minimum 2.5k hours played on Asylum (Exceptions can be made) Financially stable ***Good Comms*** Vouches are recommended The will to enjoy Arma again Application Format In-game name : Hours on Arma 3 ( screenshot required ) : How active will you be per week? : Previous Gangs : EU/NA? : Anyone in the gang that will vouch for you?: *If you don't feel comfortable with applying on the forums feel free to PM one of the members listed below Roster Leaders @Flax @Chanky @nickmanning2 Members @Sammmy @Fudger @Bherky @Veezara @EpicTurtle @toasted. @Infamous [FULL SEND] *Trials not listed
  8. My niqqa Bada! whats good its Noobious
  9. Im sorry bro honestly. I have no idea
  10. Lmaoo ive seen your name in the community but never quite knew who tf you were
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