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  1. Hmm but when Captains use our perks to the APDs advantage and talk shit back, you feel the need to make multiple reports to get me demoted cause you’re all a bunch of cry baby pussies.
  2. hehehehehehehehehehe Any other brainnnnn busters
  3. hey its Xanax im ready to take my ride along 100% but i have to wait 2 more days 

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    2. killer11


      @Clockwerk killer for Lt ? 

    3. •ÐŠ• Randy

      •ÐŠ• Randy

      @killer11 sgt dont vote for LT remember

    4. Boomerman


      i need feedback on my corporal app and or perms in discord 

  4. did somebody say rat? @Doctor Who
  5. Clockwerk

    o7 boys

    RIP Brother
  6. Just Jayed to this. A++++ would jay again
  7. I've found him in the tin shed just outside the fed with the fed still going off. idk if thats intended.
  8. Remove Taylor Goldbergs @TaylorSwift ability to do smash and grabs at fed since he only hides 100% of the time to purposely waste the APD's time
  9. its honestly too long and complicated of a process. When the rebles do succeed it also seems like its even more difficult to get the hemitt out and escape. id like to see it set up to something like the fed so its easier for rebels to understand and can complete the task inside of a compound. If that makes sense?
  10. I was here with bamf and nighteyes as cpts. The shit i did was petty compared to them but when you give Gnashs dev anything was possible. I changed my name to DR Rat boy and got banned and demoted for a week.
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