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  1. well now you guys have nothing to cry about.
  2. likely story buddy have yet to see a push where synthetic didn't have 3 smokes west rock.
  3. Looks like you have 4x the number of hours of everyone you're fighting.
  4. stop it bro, they can talk shit but we can't it shows our ego. now back to your hole connor
  5. You don't need to speak for the rest, there's one person at the top of this. doesn't look like any of you are on top of anything.
  6. At what point do we decide to switch to another host? People want to play
  7. It does kinda snap to a position in front of the people... definitely a few snaps on to people In this... lmao 2:54 Application Denied @Veezara
  8. this guy just aimlocked on to me and said his PC froze, im uploading the clip right now.
  9. I do not condone any of the services you're talking about on the Asylum servers.
  10. k cool glad hunting grounds are back xd its a big deal that should at least be brought back to the discussion table.
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