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  1. @OLL13 Didn't know you rolled that way bro
  2. one of swegingtons retards gathering meth for him cool dude.
  3. Imagine being upset that someone wants to show what they're doing when they're having fun on the same server you play. UN-Centered text for you @Sean That Irish Guy clint lol.
  4. Make a high roller area in the casino

    300k , 400k , 500k bets

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. bigjohn561


      500k in 30 sec when u win? U will get banned for making money too fast lol.

    3. Lucien
    4. Pizza Man

      Pizza Man

      you can bet up to 1 million ... wym bruh

  5. Imagine skipping class to upload this shit. Fuckn Freak
  6. That's the price you pay for fucking somebody's shit up, it's hilarious when someone owes 500k. But at the same time its been apart of the server for years, I understand growth and change but at the same time somethings need to stay the same.
  7. Please ban me so I can go outside.
  8. Them olympus kids are another breed man.
  9. You think I was mad in this? nah not even close Just wait til the audio gets leaked of me raging at chinny today.
  10. You hush ur pretty little mouth
  11. Shut up old man, before I cut the hose to your oxygen tank and unscrew the nuts on your wheelchair.
  12. I try to always have my gun rested somewhere, either on a rock , wall or car. Majority of the time I have the weapon resting boost.
  13. Fights have been so fun and now my sleep schedule is fucked.
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