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  1. @Vietnamese FarmerAt the moment the purple ones are just the retro - subscriber skin stretched to random vehicles, was throwing an idea out there to get more variety into the server without adding shit to the mission file. yes some of them are going to look like shit. but some of them are randomly cool. Wasn't a for sure thing to get added, but wanted to see what the response would be for some sort of "bundle" package of some sort. @Infamous [FULL SEND] Yes Bowl cut, The skin was reused for a randomly thrown together thought just to get a feel for what people thought of a bundle. Yes som
  2. Will probably do more open testing in the next day or so, so if you're around in team speak when we need people you can probably get in. We'll more than likely make a little free for all and get as many people as we can to see if you guys can find any major exploits or bugs that need immediate fixing. so they can be pushed towards the devs before release.
  3. Comment Below opinions and thoughts. The way the skin/texture gets put on to vehicles is completely random and cannot be changed. So some tires or rims will be colored differently. (Re-Texturing a skin that is already in mission file) Also NOT created by me.
  4. probably Friday. there will be a time frame open for multiple "groups" / Gangs to test.
  5. It's cool to see that people still enjoying doing the most basic shit this server has to offer with some homies. Enjoyed the video man keep having fun.
  6. Can't wait for some troll to tap the Prison and run instantly so that I have to wait 25 minutes to do anything.
  7. Aight after a few hours of seeing this dogshit vehicle in action, my opinion on it is pretty simple. - Very slow and sluggish - Driver is invincible ( rule can be made about being disabled driver has to get out, keep in mind only captains can pull it) - Very 1 dimensional for federal events, not very mobile once it gets close quarters, 8/10 people drop out in one spot and can easily be camped / prefired. - Wheels were being disabled in less than mag or two - All in all I think it's a cool idea unfortunate arma doesn't have more vehicles to choose from. - Give it
  8. its the quarter coon in me, its called the Gift of Gab
  9. Drug Dealer House Athira Good house for drug dealer / wong's Accepting Offers
  10. well now you guys have nothing to cry about.
  11. likely story buddy have yet to see a push where synthetic didn't have 3 smokes west rock.
  12. Looks like you have 4x the number of hours of everyone you're fighting.
  13. stop it bro, they can talk shit but we can't it shows our ego. now back to your hole connor
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